Bitclub Network Cryptocurrency Hired Mining
You can find all information on this part of the site, which is necessary to quickly and successfully start mining Bitcoin. You can gain huge profit with Bitcoin hired mining passively!

Bitclub Network is a correct Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining company with modern technology making excellent profit.

Bitclub Network has been operating since 2014, and since that, everybody was paid the Bitcoin produced by their mining machines.
Choose your Bitcoin wallet
I recommend You three types of Bitcoin wallets. Two free of charge (on for mobile phone, and one for desktop computer), which are however safe, but cryptocurrencies will be stored on our computer. Therefore, I recommend them for storing of lower quantities.

The other solution is recommended if You are going to store higher amounts of cryptocurrencies, because this is a physical storage.

I recommend them for storing of lower quantities
On mobile phone:
I prefer BRD Bitcoin wallet, which is very easy to use on mobile phone. It’s operation is really so simple, that I do not even go into details, because the software describes all details step-by-step.

You can download the software from here:

On desktop computer:

I use Exodus to store lower amount of cryptocurrencies, because this wallet has a very safe and easy to use user interface. Beside that, You can perform exchanges between cryptocurrencies using Exodus.

It is safe, because the private key (which provides virtually complete access to your account) is neither stored online, nor in cloud, only on your computer.

Your computer shall be free of viruses (install an anti-virus software), prove a stable operation, and the computer where You install Exodus shall NOT be used by others.

Since your cryptocurrencies will be stored on your computer, if it goes wrong for any reasons, then You lose them forever.

Therefore, it is very important to make backups, because You can recover your cryptocurrency wallet (see details below).

Download Exodus:

Choose your Bitcoin wallet.

Following downloading, install to your computer.

Bitcoin receive:
In order to let others send You Bitcoins, You have to provide your Bitcoin wallet ID. This is very similar to a bank account number.

The identifier is NOT identical to the Private Key! NEVER share the Private Key with anyone claiming that it is required to send money! IT IS NOT! If You share your Private Key with someone, then that person will own the specific crypto-wallet.
That’s all!
Now anyone can send You Bitcoins.

Sending Bitcoins: That’s all!
Now You can send and pay with Bitcoin!

Exchange between cryptocurrencies: That’s all!
Now You can exchange cryptocurrencies!

Making a backup:

Backup is important because your cryptocurrencies will be stored on your computer, and if it goes wrong for any reason, then your money will be lost forever.

Recovery from backup:

First method: recovery of your wallet using the link received in e-mail. 2.
Second method: recovery using the 12 words.

Storage of higher amount of cryptocurrencies:
I recommend Ledger Nano S to store higher amount of cryptocurrencies, because this is a physical storage. The most secure storage method, winning most tests.

The Private Key (providing virtually complete access to your account) is neither stored online, nor in cloud, only on your computer. All data will be encrypted on this tool.

If You store higher amount for longer period of time, use Ledger Nano S. I do not make an introduction, because there is a video series available on their website showing its proper use.
Choose your Bitcoin wallet.

You can order Ledger Nano S here:
Ledger Nano S physical cryptocurrency wallet-->>

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Mining result of December 2017.

Not approximately amount, but a laser-precise number according to production data:
I have passively earned
within 1 month.
Mountly mining resoult.
I have purchased 50 pcs $500 mining machines, You can see my total cryptocurrency income between 30th August 2017 and 24th June 2018 on the image. Why is it worth to buy $500 mining machines the most. I explain in the "Introduction of buying mining machines".
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How to start Bitcoin mining?


Register simply to Bitclub Network Mining: Click here to introduce the registration process->


Buy mining machine, which produces Bitcoin EVERY DAY: Click here to introduce the purchase of mining machines->


You are ready! That’s all!!

You need no technical knowledge or software, everything is done by Bitclub, they operate your machine.

The machines purchased from Bitclub produce Bitcoin EVERY DAY, which You can withdraw to your personal account.

If You have some time, You should read this site about "Learn everything about mining cryptocurrencies".