Bitclub Network Cryptocurrency Hired Mining
You can find all information on this part of the site, which is necessary to quickly and successfully start mining Bitcoin. You can gain huge profit with Bitcoin hired mining passively!

Bitclub Network is a correct Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining company with modern technology making excellent profit.

Bitclub Network has been operating since 2014, and since that, everybody was paid the Bitcoin produced by their mining machines.
Frequently Asked Questions
Could You give me more information about Bitclub Network? I would like to be sure whether my money deposited to purchase Bitcoin mining machine is in a good place.
Bitclub Network is 100% verified by a third Party, and it is completely transparent, so You can be sure, that they really buy mining machines from the incoming money, and perform real mining activity.

Here You can see, in which pools are they mining:

As You can see on this independent statistical site, Bitclub Network is among the Top 10 Bitcoin producers worldwide:
Bitclub Pool.

Do I have any obligations due to the registration?
No, You do not have any. You should register to gain access and overview the operation of the complete system. You will see, that its structure is very simple, and You will understand everything by reading the instructions. Moreover, if anything is not clear, I will also help You.

Detailed description of the registration here:
For the description of the registration, click here->>>

If I buy a mining machine of a specific performance, can I purchase the same model later?
Yes, You can buy the same, or even more powerful, anytime and any times. .

Detailed description of purchasing a mining machine here:
For the description of purchasing a mining machine, click here-->>

How long is my purchased mining machine going to work?
For 1,000 days. This is because more and more powerful systems are required for mining. If a company claims that its machine is going to keep mining for You forever, You can be sure that it is scam.

Why shall I pay $99 membership fee? How long does the membership remain valid?
Bitclub Network, unlike many other mining companies, applies no commission from the mined Bitcoins, You receive the 100% of the Bitcoins produced by You – therefore, we have to apply a $99 membership fee.

Membership is a single fee, so it is valid for lifetime. This is a much better option than continuously paying a 20% commission (which rate is quite common among mining companies).

How can I pay?
You can pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Do not be scared of the fact, that You are unable to pay with normal payment methods (wire transfer, credit/debit card). In order to request your produced Bitcoins, You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet anyway.

If You have never paid using Bitcoin so far, and You do not have a Bitcoin address, then You find a simple and detailed description to create and use a Bitcoin wallet here::
For the detailed description of creating a Bitcoin wallet, click here-->>

You can buy Bitcoin from any Bitcoin ATM:
You can find the nearest Bitcoin ATM here -->>

Beside that, You can buy Bitcoin via online exchanger, then withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet:
Very easy to use online BTC exchanger-->>

When can I withdraw my investment?
This is not about investment, but the purchase of a Bitcoin mining machine. So You purchase Bitcoin mining machines operated by Bitclub Network, that produce the Bitcoins every day. Therefore, the money spent on the machine can not be withdrawn, however, You can withdraw the Bitcoins produced by your mining machine even on an everyday basis.

Following making a deposit, where can I see my machine? How long does the money arrive?
The time of withdrawal depends on the overload of Bitcoin network, but it usually takes 1-12 hours. Following that, the machine instantly shows up in your web office, but it will start producing only after 30 days. This is because they have to purchase and install your machine. These 30 days are not calculated into the 1,000 days..

You will see your machine in your web office right after making the deposit, if You click on the "Mining Earnings":
Own Bitcoin mining mascinhes.

Why is Bitclub Network dealing with the operation of mining machines, if producing cryptocurrencies is such a great business? Why do not they produce cryptocurrencies for themselves?
The answer is very simple:
Because this way they can grow faster.

Let’s check when does Bitclub Network earn more:

1, If it produces cryptocurrencies only for themselves:
They purchase 10 machines.
The 10 machines return the investment within 8-10 months.
Then they can purchase additional 10 machines.
And so on...

At such low quantities, producers of mining machines offer no discount, and it does make a difference in terms of production, how much percent does Bitclub have from the total Bitcoin production.

2, They provide their members the opportunity to purchase mining machines, which are then operated by themselves (just as they are doing right now).
They purchase new machines using the TOTAL amount received from their customers: several thousands of new machines.

At such order quantity, they get huge discounts from the price of cryptocurrency mining machines from the manufacturer. Moreover, they are continuously present among the Top 10 Bitcoin miners:

Which business model is the better then? How can they grow faster?

Of course, this way!

Am I required to have a special home computer to do crypto mining?
You do not need any special computer to do crypto mining. You purchase mining machines from Bitclub Network, and everything else is done by Bitclub. You can check your production on your user platform on a daily level.

I do not prefer this stock exchange stuff, I have already tried that!
Cryptocurrency mining has nothing to with stock exchanges. You can produce Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by doing crypto mining.

Why is it necessary to mine cryptocurrencies:
Click here-->>

How can I withdraw cash from this whole thing? I am not going to purchase anything using Bitcoin.
You can exchange the produced Bitcoins to cash at any of the Bitcoin ATMs:
List of Bitcoin ATM near You-->>

You can also exchange Bitcoins via online exchangers, then withdraw to your bank account:
Very easy to use online BTC exchanger-->>

Is it worth to deal with mining cryptocurrencies? I have checked the produced amount, and I think this is not a good idea.
In the current circumstances, a mining machine returns the investment within 9-10 months, based on the worst case scenario. However, in 2017, the exchange rate of BTC increased by 871%, and in October (2017), it increased by 71%! In October, the price of a Bitcoin increased by $2.175! This new currency is facing huge growth, Bitcoin has just become popular among the Youth.

The exchange rate of Ethereum in 2015 was $1.65, whilst in 2017, the price of one Ethereum was $301.7. So the exchange rate increased by X182!

Well, the 9-10 months return of investment is not bad either, since your money earns 1-2% interest rate in the banks ANNUALLY. If You wish to withdraw your money, then they charge so much transaction cost, that You receive less than your original investment.

In case of investing into real estates, your investment returns appr. within 15 years.

If You keep your money at home, then it is continuously inflated, so it is worth less and less every year.

However, if the exchange rate grows in that pace that I have already mentioned, your investment into a mining machine may return within 5 months.

Moreover, if You share these information with your friends, and he/she is interested in this issue, then You get monthly commissions after people recommended by You, including people recommended by them and so on… and there are bonuses as well. In this case, your investment may return within 1-2 months. Detailed description about this issue:
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Mining result of December 2018.

Not approximately amount, but a laser-precise number according to production data:
I have passively earned
within 1 month.
Mountly mining resoult.
I have purchased 50 pcs $500 mining machines, You can see my total cryptocurrency income between 30th August 2017 and 24th June 2018 on the image. Why is it worth to buy $500 mining machines the most. I explain in the "Introduction of buying mining machines".
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How to start Bitcoin mining?


Register simply to Bitclub Network Mining: Click here to introduce the registration process->


Buy mining machine, which produces Bitcoin EVERY DAY: Click here to introduce the purchase of mining machines->


You are ready! That’s all!!

You need no technical knowledge or software, everything is done by Bitclub, they operate your machine.

The machines purchased from Bitclub produce Bitcoin EVERY DAY, which You can withdraw to your personal account.

If You have some time, You should read this site about "Learn everything about mining cryptocurrencies".