Is it worth to deal with cryptocurrency mining?
In the current situation, a mining machine returns its investment within 9-10 months in the worst case scenario. HOWEVER, in year 2017, the exchange rate of BTC increased by 871%, whilst in October (2017), it increased by 71%! The price of a single Bitcoin increased by $2.163 in October (2017). It is facing a huge growth, since Bitcoin has just become popular among the Youth.

The exchange rate of Ethereum in 2015 was $1.65, whilst in 2017, the price of one Ethereum was $301.7. So the exchange rate increased by X182!

However, 9-10 months return of investment is not bad either, since You get 1-2% interest rate from banks ANNUALLY. If You wish to withdraw your money, then the banks charge so much management fee, that You often receive less then your original investment.

In case of investing into real estates, your investment returns within appr. 15 years.

If You keep your money at home, then it is continuously inflating, it is worth less and less every year.

However, as I have already mentioned, if the exchange rate increases in this pace, then your purchase of a mining machine may return within 4-5 months.

Moreover, if You recommend this opportunity to your friends, and they are also interested, then You get commission every month after them, and after those who were recommended by them and so on, and there are bonuses as well.

I write in details about this issue in the "Use this website as your own, You get a complete marketing plan too." section. In this case, your investment into a mining machine may return within 1-2 months.

Check the images showing how much did I earn between 30th August 2017. and 24th June 2018. with cryptocurrency mining. These are not approximately numbers, but laser-precise data according to the daily productions!

You can see my total cryptocurrency income between 30th August 2017 and 24th June 2018.
In this period of time, I earned $23.317.- in total only with cryptocurrency mining:
Total cryptocurrency mining income.

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If You have some time, You should read this site about "Learn everything about mining cryptocurrencies".