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Bitclub Network, unlike many other mining companies, applies no deduction from the produces Bitcoins, you get the 100% of them, therefore, we apply a $99 membership fee. It is much better for You then continuously deducting 20% commission (applied by most mining companies).

You can pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Do not be scared of the fact, that You are unable to pay with normal payment methods (wire transfer, credit/debit card). In order to request your produced Bitcoins, You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet anyway.

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Mining result of December 2018.

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within 1 month.
Mountly mining resoult.
I have purchased 50 pcs $500 mining machines, You can see my total cryptocurrency income between 30th August 2017 and 24th June 2018 on the image. Why is it worth to buy $500 mining machines the most. I explain in the "Introduction of buying mining machines".
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You need no technical knowledge or software, everything is done by Bitclub, they operate your machine.

The machines purchased from Bitclub produce Bitcoin EVERY DAY, which You can withdraw to your personal account.

If You have some time, You should read this site about "Learn everything about mining cryptocurrencies".