Introduction of Cryptocurrencies
What does provide the stability of Bitcoin? Is not it just another bubble?
Bitcoin is not regulated by a Central Bank, so people won’t be flood with it, which would cause inflation. The value of Bitcoin is specified only by demand and supply.

Today even the biggest multinational companies know that, and You can pay with Bitcoin there:
Virgin Galactic
etc. etc.

Additional Bitcoin accept points:
Bitcoin accept points.

The demand is HUGE!

Moreover, the first Bitcoin ATMs showed up. You can withdraw USD from your Bitcoin account on the actual daily exchange rate, or deposit to your Bitcoin account:
You can find the nearest Bitcoin ATM here -->>

In Japan, since April 2017, Bitcoin is an official payment method:
Bitcoin accept points in Japan.

More and more broker companies offer that, so You can trade with it too, so virtually they acknowledge the stability of Bitcoin.

In year 2017, the exchange rate of BTC increased by 871%, whilst in October (2017), it increased by 71%!

2020 will be the year of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!